Construction at Shintech began with the goal of successfully transferring the contents of one retention pond to a new retention pond, as well as stabilization of the existing soil conditions. Utilizing 2 crews, Barber Bros. completed a jack-and-bore operation, pushing four different runs of rain water equalization pipe under 4 railroad tracks, each approximately 200 feet long. Because we could not disrupt service on the rail lines, the pipe had to be pushed underground versus the traditional method of excavating the ground to lay the pipe. During this phase of the project, one of the underground pipes hit an obstruction, deflecting it off route by 8 ft. To correct this it was necessary to expose the pipe to fix the trajectory before continuing with the installation. To maintain the integrity of the project schedule, Barber Brothers crews worked simultaneously to install the pipe while mixing powdered lime into the existing soil in order to create better ground to build on, stabilizing the entire Shintech site. In spite of some unforeseeable circumstances, Barber Bros. successfully completed this Shintech project within 3 months, improving ground and soil conditions for the plant and the surrounding community.

  • Client: CB&I
  • Location: Plaquemine
  • Start Date: August 2015
  • Value: $10,000,000
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